Specialty Coverage

If you need protection…we’ve got you covered!

coverFrom Florida’s winds and floods to your parade or festival celebration, Mynatt Insurance offers Special Coverage that meets a diverse number of insurance needs.
There are so many risks that aren’t considered when planning a special event and Mynatt Insurance makes sure you have the coverage you need when and where you need it.
When your company or group wants to sponsor a hole-in-one prize at a golf outing, Mynatt Insurance can provide the right insurance.  Liability coverage for your parade, special coverage for Notary’s, protection for jet skis and so much more: if there’s a risk involved, Mynatt Insurance has you covered.

  • Wind
  • Flood
  • Special Event (liability protection for parades, festivals)
  • Hole-in-one
  • Jet Ski’s
  • Sports Equipment
  • Notary
  • Rain insurance (If it rains, you’re paid a certain amount of money to compensate for rescheduling, as well as travel, hotel and related expenses)

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